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Realistic Birds Coloring Book: 40 Coloring Pages With Unique Exotic Birds

Realistic Birds Coloring Book: 40 Coloring Pages With Unique Exotic Birds

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Relax and step away from everyday life stress!

Switch off and lose yourself in the flow of coloring. The book features realistic illustrations of unique birds and ensures hours of entertaining mental relaxation. Take your time, bring the color and let your imagination run free!

These birds are ready for you to add your own special touch:

  1. Victoria Crowned Pigeon
  2. Flamingo
  3. Lesser Bird-of-Paradise
  4. Keel-Billed Toucan
  5. Mandarin Duck
  6. Peafowl
  7. Blue-Footed Booby
  8. Rainbow Lorikeet
  9. Gouldian Finch
  10. Blue Jay
  11. Lady Amherst's Pheasant
  12. Golden Pheasant
  13. Black Skimmer
  14. Greater Bird-of-Paradise
  15. Purple Gallinule
  16. Horned Guan
  17. Crested Auklet
  18. Southern Cassowary
  19. Turquoise-Browed Motmot
  20. Victoria’s Riflebird
  21. Inca tern
  22. King Bird-of-Paradise
  23. Red-Billed Hornbill
  24. Atlantic Puffin
  25. Nicobar Pigeon
  26. Wandering Albatross
  27. Himalayan Monal
  28. Twelve-Wired Bird-of-Paradise
  29. Harpy Eagle
  30. Shoebill
  31. King of Saxony Bird-of-Paradise
  32. Kingfisher
  33. Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise
  34. Snowy Owl
  35. Secretarybird
  36. Resplendent Quetzal
  37. Crescent-Caped Lophorina
  38. Hoopoe
  39. Scarlet Macaw
  40. Bee-eater


  • 40 beautiful, stress-relieving patterns, designed to engage, spark imagination and to unleash your inner creativity.
  • Different levels of detail, from easy to difficult (for different eyes). Pick a picture depending on your mood and start your de-stressing journey.
  • Printed on large 8.5x11 high quality paper. You'll have plenty of space to be creative and work on the details.
  • Each drawing is printed with the reverse side blank. When you are done, you will have unique piece of art, worth framing and displaying.
  • Perfect for decorating with colored pencils, gel pens, markers, porous point pens or crayons.
  • Share your coloring passion. Give your friend a gift of relaxation or meet and enjoy it together.
  • You don’t need creative experience. If you find it difficult to discover your inner artist - you will still benefit. Coloring alone is calming, just add color!

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*Please note that if you are using markers or gel pens, consider using scrap paper behind the page you're coloring to prevent bleed-through.